Light Meal Collection

Our Light Meals are The  Go To Choice, a Favourite All Year Round.

Great for Functions, Parties, Midday Events.

Add Two or Three Combinations, Exciting Choices for Guests.

Served with One Starch, One Veggie and a Salad


Upsize to a substantial meal.

Request and additional side.

Each Meal Option has a Minimum of Ten Pax Per Meal Type.

Find our Sample Light Meal Menus Below. 

Light Meal Menu

101. Chicken Schnitzel

Potato Wedges, and Roasted Seasonal Vegetables served with a Garden Salad


102. Roasted Quarter Chicken

Quarter Chicken oven roasted with herbs and spices. Served with Roast Potato / Garlic Baby Potato One Veg and a Garden Salad.



103. Butter Chicken Curry

Chicken Fillet cut into strips, prepared with Indian Spices and Yoghurt. Served with Roasted  Butternut and Basmati Rice.


104. Beef Lasagne

Served with Garlic Bread Rolls and a Crispy Mixed Green Leaf Salad


105. Steak & Pepper Pie

Topped with Pastry.

Served with Roasted Vegetables and a Garden Salad 

106. Lamb Rogan Josh

Traditional Indian Spices, Cardamon, Tumeric, Coriander, Jerra blended with Yogurt Slow Cooked and Served with Basmati Rice and Sambal

107. Lamb Stew

Served with Mixed Vegetables and Basmati Rice


108. Battered Deep Fried Fish

Served with Fresh Lemon Wedges, Savoury Rice, and a Garden Salad and Seafood Sauce.


109. Grilled Line Fish

Served with Lemon Wedges, Tartar Sauce, Savory rice and a Garden Salad.

110. Vegetarian Lasagne

Seasonal Roasted Vegetables, in Italian Herb Tomato Sauce, layered with Pasta and Béchamel Sauce and Topped with Cheddar Cheese, Served with a Garden Salad

111. Mediterranean Vegetable Stew

Mediterranean Vegetable Prepared in a Tomato Stew Served with Italian Ciabatta

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