Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Catering Information Pack ?

Yes, we do. Click here!

Can you provide a quote?

We will provide a quote, within 24hrs on weekdays only.

To avoid multiple quotation requests, please speak to one of our friendly sales consultants, if you need guidance or advice regarding your upcoming function.

For advice on Events, request the assistance of one of our events coordinators.

Do you have a price list?

Yes, only for our Platter Collection and Light Meals.    Click Here

All Other Menu items require a quotation based on your requirements.


When do I make payment?

On Invoice, or for the latest, 48hrs before Delivery.

What is your payment method?

We accept EFT or Credit Card.

Do you require a deposit for fuctions?

We require 70% deposit on events costing R 20 000.00 and more. Deposits must be confirmed 7 working days prior to the date of the function and or event.

All other functions or events must be paid in full 48hrs before production starts.

Does your price include Vat?

Our quoted and displayed prices are all Vat Exclusive unless stated otherwise.

Do you charge for delivery?

Yes, all deliveries incur a delivery charge. This is an area and function size specific. The general delivery within 20km is R400.00 per delivery. R600 for delivery and next day pick up.

What is your earliest time for delivery?

Our earliest delivery is at 8 am.

Our Company policy is to recommend to all our customers, to request delivery up to 1 hour before the start of there event. This buffer of at least 1 hour, is a just in case precaution and in no way eliminates all scenarios.

Special Arrangements must be made for earlier deliveries.

Does your delivery person assist with setup of my function?

No, Our delivery staff are not allowed to assist, we only encourage basic assistance.

Should you need assistance for your function. Inquire about our professional waiter hire service. They will give you peace of mind and ensure the smooth running of your function, big or small.

Do you provide heating / warming equipment and serving gear and other smalls?

Yes, we can provide heating equipment and other smalls at an extra cost per item hired.

Please inquire about the cost with one of our sales person.

Can I hire a Waiters and Barmen for my function?

Yes, Provided you ordered your Food from Taste Catering.

What is the charge out fee for Waiters and Barmen for my function?

All hired staff are charged on a per hour basis. Minimum of 4 hours per function. Rates Start at R 80 p/h. Functions further than 20km outside Cape Town and functions that continue after 8 pm, may incur additional travel costs, depending on transport availability.

Can I order a Special Dietary Meal, Vegetarian Meal, Kosher Meal for One or Two People?

Yes, your total order must meet the minimum meal order requirement.

If a meal is requested from an outsourced supplier e.g. Kosher, this will incur additional charges, including pickup and drop-off charges and will be noted separately on the quotation.

Please make a Special arrangement with one of our sales consultants.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please see our Cancellation Policy in our Catering Info Pack, and our Terms and Conditions.

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8:00am – 4:00pm

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