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Our Story

Welcome to Taste Catering


Food made with Passion & Desire

My Love Affair with Food Began many years ago. The Magnificent Heritage of this Business dates back Three Generations. Martin Muller, my Late Father, a Renowned Chef just Loved to Entertain Clients, Friends, and Family. His Passion and Want to See and Hear the Response to his Cooking, Inspired Him to Start His Own Catering Company.

My Siblings and I were introduced to the ART of Cooking from an Early Age. Equipped with Valuable Business Knowledge, it became our Desire to make Our Late Fathers Business, Uniquely Our Own.

As Young Entrepreneurs, we Adapted the Business to the Changing Needs of the Customer and Changed the Name to One that Explains Our Heritage and that is Proudly African. “Imvelaphi” which means “Where we come from

Our Vast Experience has allowed us to Cater to Mayoral and Presidential events in the Civic Centre, Cape Town, Cricket World Cup @ Newlands Cricket Field, Cape Town, Fifa Delegates on Robin Island, Cape Town, and Soccer World Cup, Cape Town on numerous occasions.

Now several years later, and much knowledge and experience gained, we Cater to Private, Corporate, and Government Clients.

Taste Catering is my New Creation and Gifted with Experience, I have found a new Purpose and Passion to Take on a New Business Venture.

Taste Philosophy is an Unpretentious Food Style, Taste, Bold Flavours, Colours and Textures. Every day our Kitchen comes to Life with Great Enthusiasm.

I Encourage my Staff to Taste, Discuss, Sing and Celebrate their own Culture. Food is Precious in Africa and in Our family, it is the Labour of Love. It is More than Sustenance, it’s a Time of Sharing.

With Taste, Eating becomes a Delightfully Relaxing and Intimate Activity. Recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and we never rely on Exact Measurements, instead we Rely on Feel, Taste, and Memory.

Diversity is the Word that Best Describes South Africa. Our Food Style is a Celebration of the Variety of Our People and Cultures. These are just a Few Treasures that Await You.

Go Ahead, Give Us a Try!

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Sample Meals

Grilled Chicken Lolipops

Chicken Lolipops, a Favourite amoung our Clients.

Made in several ways, Crumbed or Grilled with a variety of basting sauce.




Malva & Ice Cream

Dessert is always a Popular Option, for Functions and Corporate Events and Private Occations.




Grilled Chicken Skewers

Chicken Breast Fillet on Skewers can be prepared with different flavours, Bbq, Lemon and Herb, Peri Peri and Tikka basting to name a few.

Vegetarian Curry

Vegetarian Curry can be prepared in a variety of ways.

Cape Malay Style with Traditional Curry spices including Coriander, Jeera, and Tumeric. Tropical/Oriental Style with Coconut Milk and Mild Spices. Red Thai Vegetable Curry is a few examples.

Hours of Operation

8:00am – 4:00pm

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